Photography Tips-Full or part day coverage?

One of the big choices couples have to make when organizing their wedding is whether to go for part or full day coverage?
A big photography tip when deciding factor in all this is obviously the cost, full day coverage is obviously a lot more expensive than part day but should not be ruled out immediately on cost alone.
When we talk about part day coverage we may only be talking of the ceremony up to group shots or up to cake cutting.
A full day’s coverage will literally start first thing in the morning and will end with first dance or even carry on to take some of the party shots after.
There is not a right or wrong in choice of packages, what fits for one couple may not fit for another.
Sometimes it is purely a financial decision, your day is extremely expensive and you would just be happy with some high quality images of your ceremony and some nice group images that you can get framed which is fine.
Some couples wonder how many times would they actually look at all the images from all day coverage of their big day and decide that it just would not be worth it.
Some brides hate the idea of the photographer arriving and taking pictures of her before having her make up and hair is done and she is in her morning scruffs, so full day coverage would be out and again this is totally understandable too.
We now come on to full day coverage.
Some couples just think that this is their big day and they want everything photographed so they have a high quality treasured record of their day.
If as a couple you are unsure what the advantages of full day coverage are:
High quality images of the whole day so you can have a stunning album / photo books and or slideshows.
It shows you, the bride and groom what was happening to each other while they were getting ready so they can get a greater understanding of their day together, it is often the case that the groom will send his bride a gift on the wedding morning and capturing her emotions when she opens it is fantastic and the groom gets to see it afterwards.
There are things that go on throughout the day which you don’t get to see – guests arriving, candid shots while the group shots are being taken etc so it is nice for you to see other things that happened during the day.
As we said before neither choice is wrong, it is what fits best for you as you and your day are unique!

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