Wedding Photography FAQ is a useful guide to questions regarding the photography services we offer. Here are some popular enquiries we get asked about when booking your photography for your wedding,asian weddings or civil ceremony.


Wedding Photography FAQ


I do not like stuffy formal photos as that is not us..?

This is perfectly fine with us we can shoot photographs to suit your personality. So if you prefer photography that is more informal or reportage style we can do this for you. However you may wish to consider if you do want formal groups family photos too. We can do a mixture of formal group shots and reportage style but we will consult with you to determine the type of wedding photography you need.

Do all the wedding photographs have to be in colour..?

Not at all we can do a mix of black and white wedding photos or just black and white if you wish.

How will I be able to see my wedding photos you have taken..?

Once we have finished shooting your wedding photography we sort through them images. We will then pop them onto an online gallery. This gallery is secure and unique to you. When all images are uploaded we will send you your code to look at the images. The images will all have a number  and copyright watermark on them. If you send us you images numbers we will process the final photographs and you will get them without the copyright watermark.

How long will I have to wait for my wedding photographs..?

This is dependent on a few things and what your order is. If you are having digital images only we usually would have them ready for you within 6 weeks. If you are ordering albums or prints this can take a maximum of 8 weeks. Should you wish for them sooner than this, we do offer a Special Priority Service at an extra cost, this would mean you would get your images much sooner. However arrangements for this must be made in advance.

If I have digital images I own the copyright to my wedding photos right..?

Unfortunately this is not the case as copyright is always retained by TWorld Weddings. We do however give you a license for permission to get them printed.

We do not like having our photos taken really but feel we should have a wedding photographer for our wedding day..?

This is fine we will sit and chat to you about this and hopefully we can ease your nerves. We offer a pre-wedding or engagement shoot with all our wedding packages booked to help relax you both and get you used to the camera.

If I wish to buy extra prints or albums for family members is this possible..?

Yes of course we do have a price tariff and gift guide for you to choose your extra wedding photographs.

Can we just have part of our day photographed or do we have to have all day?

We do various packages to suit your day. We can do part coverage or all day coverage dependent on your needs. Please take a look at our UK prices or if your getting married overseas check out our international weddings.

I am not sure what I actually want photographed as I have not done this before..?

This is perfectly normal and very common. The important thing to remember is that your wedding photographs are the everlasting reminder of your day. With this is mind we will sit with both of you and chat about what you like and don’t like. And, although it sounds strange it is vital for us to know if there are guests attending that do not get on and would not like to be photographed together. We will also need a schedule of your day so we can do a photographic timetable to ensure we cover all the wedding photos you require.

Would you need help from family members?

It is a great idea to appoint a family member or best man to help when taking the photos. This is just so they can help gather guests for groups shots and help identify the different family members.

Do the photographers need a meal?

It is not essential but would be appreciated if a meal could be provided. As much as it is a long day for you as a couple it is just as so for the photographer.

Would it be a problem for guests to take photographs..?

This is no problem to us at all. It is only natural that your friends and family want to wish you well and take pictures on your wedding day. The only small thing that we do request is that if your guests could just hold on a few seconds so we can get the professional shots for you first. This ensures you have those shots in your wedding album and they do not photo bomb the shots we are trying to take for you.

I hear you can take great wedding photographs on an Iphone..?

This may or may not be so. As a wedding photographer we use only professional Nikon full frame sensor cameras with professional lenses, this gives the optimum quality images at the end of the day.

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