With so many questions in your head about your day it can feel a little strange not knowing how procedures work. so here are a few hair and make up FAQ questions we get asked regularly  by previous brides wanting to look their best on their big day.


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Hair and Make Up FAQ

Can I have a trial beforehand……?

Yes you can, it is always advisable to have a trial before the big day for hair, make up or both if your having both done. This ensures you’re happy with every little detail before the day.

When is the best time for me to have a trial before my big day…?

We usually recommend around 4-6 weeks prior to your big day and will spend time with you to get a great understanding of how you picture your look to be on your day.

Do my bridesmaids have to have a trial…..?

It is not essential that any of your bridal party, except the bride have a trial but they are welcome to if they feel the need.

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Do I need my veil/tiara at the time of the trial….?

It is totally advisable for you to have these at your trial if you are having your hair done. Without them you do no get the full effect and your hairstyle can look odd.

I have very dry skin (or) I have blemishes on my skin and I do not want these to show on my wedding day…?

When having your make up done you will have a small consultation first and any problems can be cleared up. The extensive range of products within the make up artist kit will definately have something to help you.

What make up products do you use..?

We use a variety of brands to make sure you have ultimate coverage and long lasting make up on the day. Brands such as MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique etc are the must have brands used.

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Do you have false lashes?

Yes we have a variety of either strip or individual lashes for just an extra small cost.

My  hair is very thick or my hair is very fine will it last all day in my updo hair style…?

When having your hair done we will make sure there are plenty of pins in your hair to hold it up and of course we will make sure we use some hairspray too.

What time do you arrive on the day and do I need to get another make up artist or hair stylist…?

The time of arrival does depend on the time of your ceremony and the amount of family in your bridal party. However it is not essential that you look for another artist as we can bring a team with us to pamper you on the day. This will all be discussed with you at the time of your trial.

Flicks eyeliner and red lipstick for bride getting married at Castle Hotel Tamworth Staffordshire

Do I have to wash my hair on my wedding day..?

If you or any of your bridal party are having updo hairstyles it is better NOT to wash your hair on the day but to do it the day before. You will be advised of this though at the time of your trial.

If I do not wish to book for my wedding day at the time of my trial what do I pay..?

You will have to pay for your trial in full to cover the time travel and costs of the trial. You would not be expected to pay anything else other than this, however if you are not sure you can book another trial for a reduced rate.

How long does a trial usually take..? 

I would allow around 2 hours for a trial for the bride only. It could take less time dependent on the look you require, however more time should be allowed if there are more having a trial. Please do make an enquiry if you are unsure.


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Hair and Make Up FAQ

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