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wedding hair and make up tips,make up being applied to a bride on her wedding day

Every bride has there dream in their head of how they wish to look on their wedding day. So getting your wedding hair and make up is essential for your big day. The thing is where do you start to get the look you want and get the hairstylist and make up artist to understand the picture that is in your head? You will need someone who can work to your brief.
Well first things first is to find the hair stylist and make up artist that will be the one person who can create that look for you. Check out that they have the credentials so you know they have the skills to deliver your wedding hair and make up for you the bride and your wedding party. Looking at there portfolio is a great way to see what they can do, as well as looking for reviews and testimonials. Also make sure they have done some sort of training course. With many using you tube as a self training platform and no proper training courses taken,these days it can be a risky business.



Wedding hair and make up tips-Bridesmaid getting her wedding hair and make up done and checking in the mirror.

Also to get your look build a mood board by using images online to show what you are looking for. This is a great help to your hair stylist and make up artist. It gives them the wedding hair and make up tips you want for your look. Once you have collected your photographs together you can then book a trial. This would be advised to have one around 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding day. When having your trial be sure to not wash your hair on the day as freshly wash hair does not stay in well.  Also have your veil and tiara with you. When booking your trial you could book it on your wedding dress fitting day so you can see the total look.


Finally if you wish take a family member to your trial with you. They are a good indicator of how the wedding hair or bridal make up looks on you. A second opinion is always better for you as the bride. If you like your look you can always take selfies on your phone. However if you want to keep your look a secret till your wedding day ask family member not to post photos on social media. We have seen this happen in the past and the bride was devastated.


wedding hair and make up tips,bridal party getting ready after there hair and make up Staffordshire



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